How To Delete Emoji On Telegram

How To Delete Emoji On Telegram

Do you wish to delete the emoji you sent or received on Telegram?

Telegram has grown considerably in recent years as people from all around the world are joining the platform, this is understandable because the app offers so many wonderful features.

From having the capacity to house a lot of people in one channel, to people being able to send large files at once unlike in other chatting platforms.

Telegram is also very good for running businesses, connecting people all over the world and friends and family.

When Telegram introduced emojis to the platform it changed a lot of things, people stopped replying with words instead they used emojis, and I have to admit this gets frustrating.

So can you delete an emoji after it has been sent or after you receive one from whoever you are in a conversation with? 

Yes, you can, but the question now is “How to delete emojis on Telegram"?.

In this guide, you will find out “How to delete emoji on Telegram".

How To Delete Emoji In Telegram

The process to delete an emoji on Telegram is simple; open your Telegram app on your mobile phone, go to the chat you wish to delete an emoji you sent or received, hold down the emoji, and the options will appear at the top right corner of your screen.

  • One option is to copy which is represented by the copy icon
  • The next option beside the copy icon is to forward the emoji, it is represented by an arrow-looking icon with the tip of the tail facing downwards.
  • And the last option is the delete icon which is represented by a trash can icon, this is what you click on to delete the emoji, either sent by you or you received it.

When you click on the delete icon a message would pop up asking “Are you sure you want to delete this message?", there is also a box under the question suggesting that if you wish to delete the emoji for you and the person you sent it to.

Click on the box if you wish to delete the emoji for you and the person then click on the red “Delete" button, and your emoji will have been deleted successfully.

To delete multiple emojis just hold down one emoji first, after the delete option appears you can tap on the other you wish to delete one by one before clicking the red “Delete" button.

Besides sending and receiving emojis, Telegram introduces another way to send emojis but in a different form. 

This is called reacting, you can react to messages sent to you or even emojis sent to you with your favorite emojis of your own.

How To React To Messages Sent To You On Telegram

When you react to a message or an emoji the reaction shows directly under the message you reacted to, here is how to react to a message or an emoji.

1. Reacting with the default emoji

  • When a message is sent to you, double-tap on the message to add a reaction.
  • The reaction would be the thumbs-up emoji directly under the message.
  • This is because you are using reaction for the first time, you can customize your reaction to be a different emoji.
  • Double-tap the message again to remove your reacted emoji.

2. Selecting a different emoji to react with

  • Tap on the message once and a limited amount of emojis will pop up, there are seven of them
  • Choose any one of the seven you wish to react with, one that best suits you at the time.
  • There is an arrow just beside the last of the seven emojis, click on the arrow.
  • Here you will find a lot of emojis you can react with, scroll down to pick anyone you wish.
  • Any emoji you select will show under the message as the reaction you have given, just like the default thumbs-up reaction.

3. Add animation to the emojis you react with

There is an animation that shows up when you react to a message with an emoji, this somewhat beautifies your reaction and makes your chats look fun.

Each emoji you react with has a different animation, you can react strongly to a message by holding down an emoji to make the animation more beautiful and striking for you and who you are reacting to.


Deleting emoji on telegram is simple, just hold down the emoji till options appear at the top right corner of the screen, then click the last option. 

That is the trash can icon to delete the emoji, you can delete it for yourself only or for you and the receiver or sender.

You can also react to messages with emojis by double-tapping the message to add a default thumbs-up emoji under the message or tap once to display more emoji options to react with.

You can also use the arrow icon to access more emoji options to react to a message with, you can also react to emojis with the same process.

And that is how you delete an emoji on Telegram. 

I hope this guide has helped explain how to delete an emoji on Telegram.


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