Is It Safe To Give Pinterest My Birthday?

Is It Safe To Give Pinterest My Birthday?

Are you wondering if it is safe to give Pinterest your birthday?

Just like other platforms out there which have different and sometimes similar purposes, Pinterest requires users to give their birthdays when signing up with Pinterest. 

However, this has brought up concerns among many users online.

Understandably, people would be concerned about giving out sensitive information like birthdays online, safety from cybercrime is important, and nobody wants their personal information falling into the wrong hands.

In this guide an answer would be given to the question “Is it safe to give Pinterest my birthday”, and also why Pinterest requests for birthday, and a message from Pinterest itself concerning the question.

Is Giving Pinterest My Birthday Safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. 

There is a box you tick when you sign up on Pinterest, this box represents an agreement that prevents Pinterest from sharing your birthday with other sites and also sharing of birthdays among other users on Pinterest.

Once you tick the box to confirm this agreement, it protects your personal information like birth date, and keeps it safe, so giving your birthday to Pinterest is completely safe.

Why Does Pinterest Request For Birthday?

The main reason why Pinterest requests birthdays is because the platform needs to know that the user is at least 13 years of age or above to be able to use Pinterest.

There is also an age verification process which is in place to confirm the age of the user, so not just anyone can sign up and claim to be an age he/she is not. 

Also, the verification process is in place to make sure the community rules and guidelines are understood by the user.

Pinterest being a platform that both adults and teenagers can have access to does not mean anyone of any age can sign up on the platform. 

Like many online platforms, there is an age limit for those who can sign up for Pinterest.

The age starts from age 13 and above, anyone younger than 13 can not create a Pinterest account. 

This is where the request for birthday and the age verification process comes into play, and also to make sure the community rules and guidelines are understood and followed by users.

The terms and conditions set by the platform require an age restriction which makes sure that a certain age is met by the user before they can join the platform.

This is because anyone under this age might not be able to understand nor follow the community rules, policies, and guidelines.

People below the age of 13 would not fully understand the use of Pinterest community guidelines, policies, private rules, and so on. 

They would not even know how to properly follow them.

This is the reason why Pinterest requires users to give their birthdays and engage in the age verification process. 

And it is also perfectly safe to give your birthday to Pinterest.

Message From Pinterest

Pinterest's official website replayed a message for users to see concerning the birthday and age verification process, it says:

“We ask for age-related information, like birthdays, to make sure we are respecting the laws and regulations that are in place. 

We use your age to personalize your Pinterest experience, ads, and recommendations, and to help provide a better experience in our community, as well as to determine your default privacy settings.”

This official statement from the Pinterest website was to address the frequent question of users why Pinterest wants users' birthdays. 

The age requirement for Pinterest is 13 years and above, however, the age consent depending on the country the user lives in, varies from age 13-16 years. 

So in some countries, users have to be 16 years and above to sign up for Pinterest while in some other countries, it is 13 and above.

All for consent, confirmation, and understanding of the community guidelines, policies, and the privacy rules of Pinterest.

After a recent incident on Pinterest, they have put plans in motion that will offer more parental control, this will allow parents and guardians of children under age 18 to have a passcode for the children before they can change some account settings.


Having a wonderful experience, satisfying users, making every moment on Pinterest worthwhile as well, and protecting users' personal information like birth date and so on are very important to Pinterest.

The request for birthday by Pinterest when signing up is to make sure that the person is at least of the needed age to join Pinterest and be able to follow and understand the laws and guidelines of Pinterest.

Providing your birthday is essential when signing up on Pinterest, and it is perfectly safe. I hope this guide has been able to help you answer the question “Is it safe to give Pinterest my birthday". 


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