How Much Does A Super Reaction Cost On Discord?

How Much Does A Super Reaction Cost On Discord?

Is “How much does a super reaction cost on discord?” a question you want an answer to?

It is very understandable that anyone would wonder or ask a question like this concerning this relatively new feature on discord, a feature that allows users to express how they really feel should cost something reasonable.

There is a saying that reactions are things you can not find words for so you just react instead. Reactions are also a way to give quick replies when you do not have the time come up with an actual response.

However sometimes a small emoji as a reaction does not get the job done, or pass on the exact message you wish to pass across, this is where super reaction on discord comes in.

You see the beautiful super reaction everyone on discord now are making use of and you wonder “No way these are free", so this leaves the question “How much does a super reaction cost on discord?”.

Well this question is the main purpose of this guide, now let us find out the answer to this question.

How Much Does A Discord Super Reaction Cost?

Super reactions are in themselves free on discord, you do not have to pay any amount of money to use a super reaction in discord. However super reactions are limited to a certain amount per week.

If you are a free-subscriber on discord then you only have access to 2 super reactions per week, this is the same for  Nitro classic and Nitro basic subscribers. 

They get two super reactions to use in a week and then it gets renewed the following week. However to be a Nitro basic or classic subscriber, you have to subscribe with $2.99 dollars per month.

While the Nitro subscription goes for $9.99 dollars per month, and when a user subscribes to Nitro they get 5 super reaction per week unlike the Nitro basic or classic and free-subscribers.

So super reactions on its own is free, but subscription plans like Nitro comes with more super reaction, that is five per week and not two like all the rest. 

Difference Between Nitro And Nitro Basic

The Nitro basic more less replaced the Nitro classic for new discord users, but old users of discord who use Nitro classic can still have access to their Nitro classic subscription package.

So here are the difference between Nitro and Nitro basic:

  • Nitro gives users who subscribe to it 5 super reaction per week, while Nitro basic gives users who subscribe 2 per week. Super reaction adds more animation to your reactions giving more emotions which are more fun.
  • For $9.99 dollars, Nitro gives users 500MB for uploads, while Nitro basic gives users 50MB instead.
  • Nitro lets users use custom emojis and stickers as well as custom sounds on any server they like, while Nitro basic lets users to use custom emojis and stickers only.
  • Nitro offers Nitro badges that can be added to a users profile, Nitro basic offers this as well, but with lesser amounts.
  • Nitro gives users two discord server boosts, and 30% price off future boosts as well, but the Nitro basic offers none of these features.
  • Both Nitro and Nitro Basic offer users custom video backgrounds.
  • With Nitro users can stream videos and games in 4k/60FPS, but this feature is not available for Nitro basic.
  • Nitro gives users an animated avatar banner, a colored discord theme, a profile theme, and a custom server profile. While Nitro basic offers none of these features.
  • Nitro allows users the chance to join as much as 200 servers at a time, whole Nitro basic allows users just 100 server. This is also the same for free-subscribers.
  • While Nitro allows users to be able to send 4,000 characters of message at once, with Nitro basic you can only send 2,000 characters of message. This is also the same for free-subscribers.

These are the features offered by Nitro and Nitro basic, apart from Nitro giving users 5 super reaction per week, and Nitro basic giving 2 super reaction per week just like for free-subscribers.

Users can enjoy more unique features with Nitro, so the $9.99 dollars is worth it, and with the similar features offered from Nitro basic and free-subscription alike, the $2.99 dollars seems like a waste of money.


Despite the thoughts that a super reaction should have a price for it, there is none as super reactions are completely free. 

Everyone on discord can use a super reaction to express how they feel to one another.

However subscribing to Nitro increases the amount of super reaction a user can get to use weekly, Nitro gives users 5 super reaction per week, while Nitro basic, Nitro classic and free-subscribers get just 2 super reactions per week.

In this guide I have provided an adequate answer to the question “How much does a super reaction cost on Discord?”, I hope you are satisfied with the answer given.


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