iPad Air/Pro White Spot On Screen: What Is It & How To Fix

fix iPad Air/Pro White Spot On Screen

The iPad Pro and iPad Air are beautiful devices from Apple Inc., they have amazing features while being somewhat similar. 

They share similar features despite having other features that make them unique.

The iPad Air or Pro sometimes develops this white spot on its screen which can be very irritating to see and also annoying, and it becomes way more noticeable on a white background.

Users of iPad Air or Pro that have come across this issue have laid lots of complaints concerning it, and it is rather very expensive to fix or replace the screen of an iPad Air/Pro.

Is there a white spot on the screen of your iPad Air/Pro, do you wish to know why this happens to the screen of your iPad, and you also seek a solution to it?

Well then you are in luck, this is what this article is going to cover; what the white spot on your iPad Air or Pro screen is, and how can to fix this issue?

What Causes The White Spot On iPad Air/Pro?

This issue of a white spot appearing on the iPad Air and iPad Pro screen is caused by a physical flaw in the design, both iPad models have a main logic board that can be found along the center of the device. 

They have their battery placed on either side because the board already occupies the center, this is a flaw in design and it is what leads to the white spot that appears on the screen.

This design can be found in both iPad Air and Pro, these two models are the affected models of the white spot. 

The placing of logic board under the screen along the center, and on either side sits the battery for both iPad Air and Pro.

This is what causes the white spot found on the iPad Air/Pro screen, the white spot appears because the logic board contains a touchscreen controller and electrical connectors.

Also, you can not easily see this white spot on dark backgrounds that is if you even see it at all, it only becomes glaring in white backgrounds, this is due to the adaptability design that comes with the iPad screens.

This white spot problem does not happen to other iPad models aside from the iPad Air and iPad Pro, this is because, unlike the affected models Air and Pro other model's main logic board can not be found along the center of the device.

It can be found on the chassis of the right-hand side; it is not placed directly under the screen for these other iPad models, so these other models do not suffer the white spot issue at all.

How To Fix White Spot On iPad Air/Pro Screen

Method 1: Fix In Apple Store

When this issue was newly noticed by users and a lot of complaints were made, Apple tried to quickly get ahead of the problem by offering users the chance to bring in their iPad Air/Pro for testing to see the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

So if you are experiencing this white spot dilemma on your iPad Air or Pro screen, then you can head to the Apple store where you purchased the iPad to get it fixed. 

Note that Apple would test to see if the white spot is a result of something that you did to the iPad and if this is the case, they would not fix it up for you.

Method 2: Replace The Screen

Heading straight to replace the screen of your iPad Air or Pro is not something users often want to do as it is very expensive to go about, as this white spot problem is a hardware one replacing the screen is the only solution you can go on about for yourself.

Now after replacing the screen, you have to realize that this is not a permanent fix it is only temporary.

This is because replacing the screen does not change the hardware design of the iPad, the main logic board would still be placed at the center and directly under the screen.

So the white spot can come back at any time, but of course, replacing the screen removes the white spot for a while so it is still something to be considered.


Now you know the explored reason why the white spot appears on iPad Air/Pro models, however, some other hypothetical reasons have been deliberated to be the causes of the white spot.

You can also consider upgrading your iPad to a completely different model which has no record of ever having the white spot issue.

Especially with how costly it is to replace your iPad Air or Pro screen, upgrading to a new model is a very good option.


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