How To Get Webhook URL On Discord Mobile

How To Get Webhook Url Discord Mobile

Making use of Discord webhooks is not the same as that of other platforms, the role of Discord webhooks is different from the role webhooks play on other platforms like Shopify, CircleCi, Github, and so on.

The basic function of Discord webhook is to give easy access to updates of data and messages all into channels on Discord. 

Discord webhooks allow information from external sources to be communicated into channels on Discord.

This is to help improve the conversation quality in Discord, it allows for more information on Discord through different external sources. 

This is the basic function of the Discord webhook.

For a user who is not very familiar with or one who is new to what Discord webhook is all about, it can be tricky getting the webhook URL for Discord. 

In this article, I will cover how to get a webhook URL on Discord.

How To Get Webhook URL Discord Mobile

Open your discord application, then log into your discord account, or create an account if you do not already have one. 

Go to server settings, click on the “Text Channels" option, and select “Edit Channel".

Click on integrations in the side menu, here you will be able to see your webhooks. 

Then click on “New Webhook, then you can copy the webhook URL by clicking on the “Copy Webhook Url” option.

Webhooks in Discord are elements of servers in Discord, meaning every webhook in Discord is linked to a particular server which is connected to a channel that inhabits the same server.

This organizes your webhooks by the purpose they serve. 

Webhooks that belong to a server can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow which is located beside the server name, this will open the server’s context menu. 

After getting your webhook URL, you can use it to link to many other websites, linking your webhook to other websites allows you to receive messages from those websites directly to your discord.

Linking your discord webhook through its URL to a GitHub account you have allows you to send code merge or push updates into any text channel in your discord server, this would be a channel that the webhook is connected to.

How To Create A Discord Webhook 

The creation of a Discord webhook can be done in two ways, 1 is through the “Discord API", and 2 is through the graphical user interface, that is on the official Discord website or Discord app.

Creating a discord webhook through the user interface is the most common and ideal way to go about it, as opposed to that of the discord API.

The user interface is easier to use than that of the discord API, creating a discord webhook through the user interface would also help you manage your webhook in precise workflow. 

Follow this recommended process to add a webhook to your discord server.

1. First you go to server settings, then “Text Channels", and then select “Edit Channel". Then proceed to the “Integrations” option in the side menu.

2. Click the “New Webhook" option, then you can name the webhook with whatever name you wish, then select the channel you want your webhook to be attached to. 

This channel is where your messages would be sent.

3. After that click on the “Save Changes" button. Anytime you go to your webhook to make any changes or create a new webhook, always remember to click “Save Changes” after you are done.

How To Delete A Discord Webhook

Everything man has created has an expiration date or at least an option to erase (delete) it. 

Discord webhook is no exception, just as you can create a webhook you can also delete it.

Deleting a webhook from your server on Discord is easy, head to server settings and select the “Integrations” option, then click the “View Webhooks” option under the integration tab.

Head to the next page there you can click on the webhook you wish to delete, click on the “Modify" or “Delete" option to delete the webhook from your server.


And just like that you can get your webhook URL in your discord mobile, just go to server settings then integrations, and select new webhook, and click on the copy webhook option and you are good to go.

I hope this article has been able to help you get your Discord webhook URL, and also help you find your way around webhooks on Discord.


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