What Is Super Reaction On Discord?

What Is Super Reaction On Discord?

Seeing the super reaction on Discord for the first time and you are wondering what it is?

Discord is one of those amazing social media platforms that takes a while to get used to. 

Unlike many other social media platforms, you cannot just download Discord and start using it right away.

It has some features that just need time for you to be used to before you can fully understand how it works and what it is for, like the super reaction for instance it might be confusing at first glance.

Many social media platforms have one form of reaction or the other, while Discord has a few of them and this includes the latest update which is the super reaction. 

While regular reactions can be used at any time on the platform, the super reaction is limited to certain times they can be used, making it something not everyone knows about or knows how it works or what it does exactly.

So it is no surprise that many users wonder what the super reaction on Discord is, this is what has brought about the question “What is a super reaction on Discord?”. 

This guide will explore the answer to this question, and any other details that are available on super reaction.

What Is Super Reaction On Discord?

Super reaction on Discord is a relatively new feature that can be used by all users on Discord, it allows them to express themselves in a unique style while interacting with messages. 

It works like a regular reaction but with more animation.

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Super reaction on Discord is an upgraded version of normal reactions that users can add to a message, unlike normal reactions that are usually emojis like heart, thumbs up, different faces, and so on.

Functions Of Super Reaction

Super Reaction has more animated and interesting options. 

It enables users to express themselves in a better, more accurate, and creative fashion, like using an adorable animal animation with limited movements.

Or an outburst of confetti, or a hopping rabbit, or a dancing party parrot, and so on, the altimeter goal of super reactions is to add more fun, interest, and excitement to conversations.

Availability Of Super Reaction 

Discord updates super reactions regularly, this introduces new super reactions every time there is an update. 

The new super reactions that are introduced with every update are based on popular trends and user feedback.

This gives users new and more interesting options to select from, so super reactions are not limited to regular unchanging emojis like that of regular reactions.

The super reaction has no limitations as it can be used on images and text in Discord. 

When users add a super reaction to a message, it shows as an animated cover over the message it is used on.

This makes the super reaction more visible, fun to look at, and attracts the attention of other discord users. 

Super reaction also has an interactive element, this is like having additional animations.

Some have sound effects when the super reaction is selected, the point of this is to enhance the experience of users while making the conversations more appealing and engaging.

Who Can Use Super Reaction?

Everyone on Discord has access to Super Reaction, whatever membership status they have does not matter. 

Be it a Nitro subscriber, or a free user, everyone can enjoy the beautiful super reaction while making your messages as unique as possible.

So, Super Reaction on Discord is a way for users to creatively express themselves entertainingly in any conversation they are having.

Super reaction functions as a way for users to add different personalities, liveliness, and a unique sense of self to the platform, as it makes interaction much more fun for everyone on Discord.

How Many Super Reactions Can a User Have?

How many super reactions are available to a user on Discord depends on the subscription plan the user has, if you are a Nitro user, then you can use super reactions about five times a week. 

So five super reactions are available to Nitro users weekly.

If you have a Nitro basic or classic subscription then you would have just two super reactions per week, this is also the same for non-subscribers on Discord. 

Discord Nitro also offers other extra features like themes and soundboard which can help to add more fun to conversations while using super reaction.


The super reaction is an amazing relatively new feature that lets users react to messages uniquely while making conversations more lively and fun. 

It offers more animation as users react to messages like that of regular reaction but with extra animation, and they are not limited to smiley faces, thumbs up, hearts, etc.

Super reactions have limited movements, and make sounds when selected, allowing users to express themselves in a more creative fashion that is more fancy to look at.

This guide has been able to cover all the basic information of what super reaction is, its function, its limitations, how many there are, who on Discord can use them, and how many they can use.


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